Smaranda Braescu 56 (20P)

Sector 1, Bucuresti


Our Team


Ovidiu Serdean

Owner & Main Trainer

You truly get to know him whenever the conversation is about sports and nutrition. It is essential to train smart, but true knowledge proves itself when you know what to put on your plate. 

Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Rodica-Iolanda Stoian

Owner & Main Trainer

Pssionate about discovering her own potential and inspire others to the same. Every training is an opportunity to get better and leave a mark on our close community. 


Zsolt Nagy

Part-Time Trainer

Alexandra Florea

Front Desk Assistant

Constantin Fieraru

Part-Time Trainer


What's in a 60 minute session?


Quick general warm-up, followed by a specific one. After we prime main muscle groups we are using for the day, we practice the movements we are performing in the work-out that will take place in the second part of the session. 


Each day of the week you will see a different CrossFit workout, each with a specific focus (gymnastics, endurance, strength, cardio-vascular capacity, coordination). You get to grow in all athletic capacities, while becoming healthier. 




The last part of the session is catered to restoring the body: some light stretches and mobility poses and/or foam rolling for the muscles, tendons, ligaments. This will help the body be ready for next workouts and recover faster. 


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House Rules


Memberships are payed at the front desk, by cash or credit card.

Memberships are activated only by CrossFit ROA staff, through the Wodify Athlete system. Members receive access to the reservation system & app only after membership activation. 




Smaranda Braescu 56 (20P)


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